Color Picker Demo

A colour picker is a tool or utility that allows users to select or pick colours for various purposes, such as web design, graphic design, or application development. It provides a user-friendly interface for choosing colours.

Click the green coloured area below to choose another colour or enter the hex value:

A colour picker tool makes it easy to create, adjust, and experiment with custom colours for the web. It supports various colour formats like HEXA, RGB, and HSL. It also provides control over the alpha channel, allowing you to adjust transparency. The tool displays the selected colour in all three standard web CSS formats and generates a palette for HSL, HSV, and alpha.

Color picker utilities can be system-wide tools that enable you to pick colours from any currently running application and copy them to the clipboard. They often provide options to choose different behaviours when launching the colour picker, such as opening an editor or copying the selected colour directly. These utilities may also support zooming in on the colour and provide an editor to fine-tune the selected colour or capture new colours.

HTML colour pickers are available as input elements with the type "colour." They provide a user interface element that lets users specify a colour by using a visual colour picker or entering the colour into a text field in hexadecimal format. The presentation and behaviour of the colour picker may vary across browsers and platforms. You can track colour changes using the "input" and "change" events and access the selected colour value from the input element's value property.

Color pickers can be used for a variety of purposes, such as browsing millions of colours and colour harmonies, selecting colour shades, tints, and tones, and exporting colour values in different formats. They can be helpful in web design for backgrounds, typography, hover effects, or contrast purposes.

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